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The job market is changing

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, internet reliability has been enhanced and accelerated. The recruitment or job market is no different and we have seen complete transformations on many fronts. Through virtual interviewing & onboarding to irregular Google search trends (the data doesn’t lie!).

Below we take a snapshot view of what the modern job market looks like from a Google trends & hiring/onboarding perspective.

The job market is changing. What is the research saying?

Despite the pandemic still looming, Google has released a market trends analysis that indicates that people are in fact looking ahead. While companies are preparing for office returns and with more job opportunities becoming available, this has translated to huge search demands for people exploring new job opportunities.

Globally there are four search queries that have caught the eye of analysts following surging growth.

They are searches for:

  1. “job application”, which has grown by over 100% year on year.

  2. “work life balance”, which has grown by over 40% year on year.

  3. “follow up email after interview”, which has grown by over 100% year on year.

  4. “how to write resignation letter”, which has grown by over 60% year on year.

People search for jobs all the time so why are we seeing such huge surges this year? Research indicates the demand likely points to a returning workforce following the disruption of COVID and in a higher number of first-time entrants to employment following 2020. The disruption has been twofold, while some have used the pandemic to their advantage to re-evaluate their career or embark on a new job or company. On the other hand, we have seen a negative impact, where people are forced to explore or secure new opportunities as they were left without employment.

At Spot Recruitment, we have established relationships with employers that have announced many openings in Finance, Accounting & Consulting across the west of Ireland & in our capital here in Dublin. For anyone interested in roles like these get in touch with us today.

What does the landscape look like in Ireland?

Search demands

Pre pandemic the search demand for exploring new jobs in Ireland occurred during Q1 (January to March). During these months, particularly in January and February, Google saw search intent for new roles peak for the year, every year. The pandemic has impacted this trend and job search demands were seen, in historically unusual months, & right throughout 2021.

Hiring Process

The pandemic has also impacted the hiring process with the majority of new employment offers occurring following a digital-based interview. Furthermore, the digital onboarding of new employees has also increased dramatically. Candidates are now, more than ever, forced to think about ways of standing out from the crowd during a digital interview process. From an onboarding perspective, companies should put a huge emphasis on how a candidate becomes part of the overall community as an employee. 69% of employees will work longer than 3 years with a company following a positive onboarding experience. On the contrary, 1 in 5 will leave within 45 days on the back of a negative onboarding experience. Source: Irish Times

In order to demonstrate your skills and show your true self during all touchpoints with potential hirers has never been more important in this new digital hiring process. At Spot, we provide tips on improving your interviewing skills & preparing yourself for that new role.

Keep on top of these tips today and follow us on our socials.


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