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About Spot Recruitment

At Spot Recruitment, we are focused on helping people to take more control over their careers and work for companies they are proud of. Having started in the financial services sector we have now grown into the professional and services industries to offer a career path that will energize your personal and professional development.

Meet the team


Our Mission

Spot stands for securing professional opportunities together and that's our sole focus for any candidate who wishes to change roles or clients who engage to assist with their hiring needs. 

Our Vision

We believe that the recruitment process is changing and believe that simplifying the stages from initial introduction to the new job start is what will separate Spot recruitment from the rest of the market competition. 


David Butler

Managing Director

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+353  87 717 7797


Cillian O'Connor

Business Development

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+353  87 9197109

Clients we work with:


Securing Professional Opportunities Together

We can help with securing your dream job or provide top talent for your organisation.

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