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How to stand out in a competitive job market

Job searching in a competitive market can be quite a daunting task, but don’t worry, you are not alone.

When you’re up against numerous other job seekers, it is essential that you find the right approach and use all the resources available to your advantage.

Although the candidate market is competitive at the moment, hiring has continued in many sectors and there are plenty of opportunities out there. In this article we highlight our top 3 tips to help guide your search and separate yourself from the competition.

1. Network

Start prioritising your job search by spending time figuring out what roles pique your interest. Reach out to connections in areas of interest and start having informal conversations to find out more about what the role entails and their company’s work culture. Another way to grow your network is to start attending events and seminars taking place around you. This is a great way to introduce yourself to industry leaders and learn more about their company and/or area of expertise.

Being active on LinkedIn is another area to focus on when increasing your networking efforts. Spend a few minutes each week engaging with thought leaders online by reading their posts and asking questions that spark conversations.

2. Online Presence

Your LinkedIn profile will likely be searched by prospective employers so ensure this is up to date. Make your LinkedIn profile stand out by uploading a professional profile picture, adding a headline and an impactful profile summary. Another feature to take advantage of is the ‘Recommendations’ section. Ask your connections and colleagues to leave you a written endorsement to build on your credibility and trustworthiness.

Set time aside to update your CV to ensure it demonstrates your ability to fill a team’s gaps with your unique set of knowledge and skills. We recommend creating a master CV that lists all of your experience and then using this to create tailored versions for each position you apply to, subtly incorporating key aspects of the job description.

Don’t forget, in a competitive market every detail matters. Make sure to avoid any spelling or grammatical errors by giving your CV a close edit or having a professional review it. Another underrated tip is to always quantify your value by adding relevant numbers to your experience where possible.

3. Search Partner

Taking to the market in search of a new role by yourself can of course be successful. However, on your own, it can be quite time consuming particularly when balancing this with full-time employment. The process includes many stages including, amongst others, finding the best roles that you are suitably qualified for, preparing and tailoring your CV, filling out and submitting application forms, scheduling and preparing for interviews, along with the second guessing often involved with requesting a fair and just salary level.

Utilising a free search partner to manage and co-ordinate this process has obvious benefits. As well as the time and energy saved, many recruitment firms specialise in certain areas of employment. Finding the one that best matches your niche allows you to benefit from the relationships they have developed over time with key personnel in the industry. These extra levels of insight, impossible to glean from job descriptions, undoubtedly aid interview preparation and can set you apart from a competitive field.

Furthermore, recruiters will often have access to exclusive job opportunities. To avoid the lengthy and resource-consuming process of open online applications, many companies opt not to post vacancies on big job boards when the market is tight. Instead, they rely on a recruiting firm to find the right candidate for them.

Most importantly, with the right partner, you will have a confidante and independent advisor who will act in your best interests in securing your new job. This includes securing your correct title or level in your new company and maximising your remuneration package.

Finding the perfect job may not be easy but by following these tips and doing what you can to stand out, will help you master your job search. If your goal is to polish your approach and take that next step in your career, we can help.

Contact one of our recruiters today to find out how we can support you at every stage.


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